Boards Game

Board games or board games are fun games for family and friends gatherings

It is characterized by participation and challenges, with a lot of entertainment, laughter and movement, very suitable for all ages and brings everyone away from mobile devices

عرض العيد( التوصيل مجاني )

درهم 199.00

عرض العيد لفترة محدودة .. نقدم لكم أفضل عرض لموسم العيد  لجمعات الاهل و الاصحاب  فقط اختر اي اربع العاب بسعر  199 درهم سيتم احتسابها عند إكمال الطلب . الخطوات بسيطة...


درهم 150.00درهم 85.00

the description The goal of the game Continue to play until all cards are executed The players, except for the jinx face at the stage The one. Note: The play...

أتعرف عقالك

درهم 170.00درهم 120.00

هي لعبة عائلية تعتمد على التخمين حيث أن جميع المشاركين في اللعبة لا يعلمون ماهو الموجود على أوراقهم حتى يبدأ المتسابق بطرح الأسئلة. هذه الأسئلة تكون إجابتها نعم أو لا...

Who is the third version game

درهم 250.00درهم 150.00

important note:All versions are able to collect with each other and play in them because each version is different cards in it, and if the number of cards exceeds, the...


درهم 195.00درهم 90.00

  The most enthusiastic and enjoyable game for family and friends, is considered one of the entertaining games and to everyone to laugh.   - Game {Kalalaja} is a game...

Say, but do not say (new)

درهم 185.00درهم 140.00

I recently reached the third edition Say, but do not say a version of fire and sparks, with new cards, donate the game The idea of ​​the game: Explains the...

Game Lamal

درهم 100.00درهم 65.00

Laughter, enthusiasm, fun, concentration, speed! Lambah:The term in the Arabic language means "confusion and turmoil", share your friends and family the pleasure of playing! With a group of 10 people....

Stop movement

درهم 100.00درهم 65.00

Everything stops? Except laughter in the game of movement, what stops! the way of playing: Games depend on colors, hands, head and facial expressions, with focus and speed. • Cards...


درهم 120.00درهم 75.00

the description A fund that contains more than 150 questions, aimed at helping you to start more deep and enjoyable family or social dialogues. The box contains three types of...

House of Hangs

درهم 120.00درهم 55.00

  the description Are there any of your home or friends who borrow your personal belongings and possessions without permission? These are the hanfield Hancchel is a game of war...

I went to it

درهم 145.00درهم 50.00

And theGame row: A strategic challenging game that relies on skills and effective thinking in solving problems and getting out of the dilemma The idea of ​​the game:- Very simple,...

Brain muscles

درهم 120.00درهم 55.00

the description What is the game of the brain muscles?A game that relies on memory, and with every new card you have to remember what preceded it in order, and...

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